Healthcare Digital Marketing

Acquire new patients and grow your practice

Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Practice

A recent Pew Research study shows that about 75% of patients use search engines to help select a physician. A doctor's online presence is frequently the first thing a patients sees, and it is a major factor when deciding which doctor to trust.

RightSEM is a healthcare digital marketing agency for doctors and other healthcare providers. We help to ensure that providers can be found, and that they maintain a positive online presence.

Acquire New Patients Through Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC advertising on platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads can significantly and instantly boost website traffic for doctors and healthcare facilities. And more web traffic means more patients.

Our experts know how the healthcare ad space works and we can create and manage ad campaigns that drive real results. To learn more about how PPC advertising can help your medical practice, visit our Search Engine Marketing page or Contact Us.

Keep Patients Engaged Through Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Staying engaged with your patients after they leave your office can be extremely challenging. Social media platforms provide a way for healthcare providers to stay connected with patients even after their visit is over.

We help to manage your social presence and aftercare patient engagement through content sharing and social community building. Advertising on social ad platforms like Facebook Ads can also help find new patients and keep existing patients coming back. Learn more about how Social Media Marketing can help grow your practice. Contact Us Today.

Old Websites Do Not Bring In New Patients

Your outdated website may be costing you new patients. When experiencing an outdated and slow website, patients will assume your practice runs the same way. Ensure that your brand image is at it's very best by having us refresh or build your healthcare website.

We ensure that all of our healthcare website designs are SEO and mobile device friendly, and we host all websites on our lightening fast, HIPAA compliant AWS servers. We can also help incorporate EMR patient portals so patients can access their information when they need it.  Visit our website design and management page for more information or Contact us to see how we can help refresh your brand today.

Healthcare Listings Management

Take Control Of Your Online Data

The information off of your website is as important as it is on it. Controlling how your practice data appears across the web ensures both patients and search engines can find you no matter where they look.

Through our directory and listings management, your practice information is consistent everywhere, leading to an improved user experience and better search rankings. Contact us to get started.

Healthcare marketing analytics

Get A Clear Picture Of Return On Investment

We help you better understand exactly where, when and how your patients find you through platforms like Google Analytics.

We provide regular reports with detailed analysis of web traffic, ad spend, and social interactions. We then make recommendations to help you optimize your marketing campaigns, driving real results and gaining new patients for your practice.

There is no magic formula when it comes to healthcare digital marketing. It takes several technical and creative elements all working together to drive real results and attract new patients. Give us a call today to see how RightSEM Digital Marketing for Healthcare can help your practice grow and manage its online presence.